Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life is a full of Mystery........

             In this world, Life has always been unfair, but certain things happens for a reason, this made us stronger, tougher, and braver. We always conquer trials and hindrances to continue living. Life continues whatever happens, all we need is to be positive and be brave with all the challenges we encounter and faith in God is still the best amour. In a sense, a person is always searching for happiness in order for them to be satisfied. But, they fail to be happy only because they are not satisfied with what they have. We should learn to appreciate what we have and be thankful for whatever things people gave us. For happiness is a mere construct of the mind....Everyone can be happy as long as we really want to...and the people who are happy, are always kind to others, coz behind every personality lies a positive or negative outlook in life.
              Also, we cannot escape the fact that in life, there are "wants" and "needs". Needs has to be comply for us to be able to survive everyday. But, wants are sometimes inappropriate. Inappropriate for we have too much  than what we need. That's why, people are uncontented. If we really want something, we don't have to be so impatient, relax and wait for the chance  of grabbing it,.just always remember that no mater how many times you push the elevator button, it will not come any faster,....not until the right floor comes."Sometimes, waiting is better than forcing events that could last in wasting, in short, "wait for your turn".